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The Future of Pickup Games


How It Works

We connect players to empty courts and games nearby

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Our Story

As avid sports fans, our founders Kevin and Kyle have always enjoyed playing local pickup games and challenging players to friendly competitions.  Along the way, they've found that pickup games have a way of bringing people together and leads to an active lifestyle.  However, they've also found that the way we organize and discover games isn't perfect.  Often times players show up to completely empty courts and parks, overcrowded courts, or friends bail out on plans.  

Today we are forced to use mediums such as Facebook groups, text messages, and email to set up games.  This leads to a breakdown of communication and annoying group messages.  RecCheck aims to fix this problem with our mobile app for organizing and discovering local pickup games.  We also give players a way to connect with teammates and opponents after a nice run by providing a platform where players can follow each other and organize future games.  

With RecCheck, we're on a mission to create a more active and connected world through the power of pickup games.